Friday, July 27, 2007

Dusty Trails

After a day of maddening and sometimes comical delays, I left Portland at 7 pm on Thursday, exactly the time that Karen had predicted I'd get out of town, after I'd sworn to leave no later than 10 am. Best laid plans, and aaaaaaall that.

So, I'm on the road. Heading south and east, not-so-young man. Ah. Adventure.

It's a loooooong drive, so adieu for now, adieu. I look forward to corresponding more regularly when I get down to the "Bayou City," or so the Chamber of Commerce calls it.


1 comment:

Dan said...

What route are you taking? Are you traveling the same path I did to get here to New Orleans? That would be funny! We missed each other by a couple of weeks then!