Wednesday, July 18, 2007


There was a lot that caught my attention in Matt Zrebski's work-in-progress, FIRST BEARD. The strands of time wove together in a single, tightly woven dramatic action. The gay love story I found touching and heartbreaking, though the political dimension of the play felt stale. I'm not entirely sure what the theme is. If it is a varient of "power corrupts," it doesn't interest me so much, it's a bit trite. Though if it's more along the lines of, "living with the hatred of homophobia directed at you all the time will drive you crazy," I'm more intrigued. There's something powerful and true in exposing how bigotry will 'drive you crazy,' and I'm not sure it's been addressed in a while, from an angle that's as much emotional and personal as political (yes, yes, the 'personal is political,' but that's another discussion.) It's a fresh theme.

The cast was terrific all around.

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