Friday, July 13, 2007

Going-Away Party!

Reminder--Party at Suzy's house! I'm leaving town for a long while and I'm hoping to say adieu to more than a few friends before I leave in a couple of weeks. If you haven't received an Evite, it's probably because your address has been inadvertantly expunged from my address book, so don't pout, and RSVP. I'll send you an email with info on how to find Suzy.... (Okay. Suzy's a complicated gal. It's not THAT easy to find her, but I can get you to her house....)

Party starts at 5 pm on Saturday, July 21st, which happens to be my birthday, and damn, I look good for my age. Don't believe me? Haven't seen me in a while? Well, come prove me a liar! Suzy has requested that guests come prepare to 'toast' me (rather than bear gifts, which would be silly), but I happen to know that one or two so-called friends heard 'toast' as 'roast.'

If you need to exact revenge, now's the time, my ornery tribe.


1 comment:

suzy said...

Complicated? Moi?

Yes. You all must come. And if you've a mind to, you must have a cocktail or two as we toast (roast?) this good-looking dude. (What will you be turning? 34 is it?)

Warning. I may cry. A lot. It's nothing personal... Feel free to email me for exact directions or details @

Otherwise, see you next Saturday!