Monday, July 23, 2007

Parting Advice from a Good Teacher

"If I can give any advice to you about your work it would be to keep it simple, and take nothing for granted. When you are simple and are curious about your partner, and you are believing in the given circumstances.... you are gold. You make interesting choices and a very compelling. Remember to let the work take you. Don't force it to be something."

- parting advice from Michael Mendelson, one of several good teachers I have had the great luck--or perhaps knack--of finding, in Portland. During the last two years they include:

Theresa Koon - voice
Adrienne Silveira - pilates
Neal A. Corl - acting
Michael Mendelson - acting
Jan Powell - audition coaching
Tim True - audition coaching
Aase & Arro Beaulieu - Alexander Technique

I look forward to studying with them again, in years to come.

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