Friday, July 27, 2007

Santa Nella, Ca

This is taking a lot longer than Google Maps said it would... what, with the trailer, and all. I did 520 miles today which Google gave me 8 hours to do, yet I needed 13 hours, minus a walk around Ashland and visit with a theater buddy in Sacramento, waywards assays that take off three hours, at most. To be safe, I gotta add two hours to what ever G. tells me. Bummer.

Tonight, Santa Nella, California. Nothing here but an overpriced room and a T-bone steak at the TravelCenter thin enough to use for door shim and that cost me $17. And, oh yes--something I'd forgotten--don't buy your gasoline in the middle of farmland fifty miles from anywhere. That one got me for $3.50 a galon for regular. Down the road, the same stuff was selling for $2.99. I used not to be such a chump. I'm rusty.

But, I did grab a fifth of Chivas at the package store up north a bit for moments just like this. So, cheers!

Dan--I went south through California down to I10, which will take me all the way to H Town. Wyoming.... I just couldn't face Wyoming. All the god-damned tumble weed coming at you, silently screaming the lyrics of songs you had once forgotten.

Okay. Just one more little nip, and I'm going to bed.... Wake me when it rains..... Trust me, it ain't gonna rain in SANTA NELLA.


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