Sunday, July 15, 2007

Start A Blog

Every now and then I learn who is reading--has been reading for a long while--my blog, and I'm delighted, each time. I meet people this way, not just on line, but in the flesh. Way, way cool.

I believe in the blogosphere. I don't think it's difficult to find the gems amidst the junk. I think it's an evolving form of epistolary writing; it's also a form which allows us to learn HOW to write by giving us incentive to write well while not obviously punishing us for writing badly.... Yes, there lurk plenty of scolds among blog readers, but most of them are crackpots and easy to ignore (unless they're correcting your grammer--oops, Fred, did I just call you a "crackpot?") And the more positive-minded readers tend to come up to you in bars and confess their fondness.

I recommend it. Start a blog. Write a letter to all your (unknown) friends. Trust me, it's appreciated, at least by me.

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Trish Egan & Harold Phillips said...

You are so right, David... from time to time someone will ask my why I keep my blog, and I'll usually say something self-depricating like "because I'm a narcissist." The truth, though, is much deeper... blogging is a way to collect our thoughts and make sense of them for ourselves, as well as to share those thoughts with others. I highly recommmend it to everyone. Even if it's only Aunt Tilly in Omaha that reads your writing, the writing itself still has a lot of value.

(And I always read - I use to let me know when you've updated the page - even if I don't often comment)