Saturday, August 18, 2007

Opening Days

I found the physical move from Portland to Houston to be physically difficult and exhausting, but thanks in large part to pilates, lifting heavy book boxes over my head and wrestling with furniture did not make me at all sore. Today, however, I hurt like hell, after a day and a half of beginning work in Suzuki, Viewpoints and stage combat. Ouch.

I'm also overwhelmed with tasks. We're responsible for text to bring in for stage combat and voice classes next week, have continuing monologue work and other reading to do, and on Monday, the class of 2009 is being presented, as a set, to the entire department of Theater & Dance. The audience is expected to be around 300. This is a showcase. The faculty hopes that the ten MFA Acting students will set the bar for both undergraduates and the few part-time graduate students who are still lingering as hold-overs from the old program. I am certainly NOT accustomed to serving as a model of good acting, to say the least. The anticipation is nauseating. Though, I'll say this: I definitely am not going to waste my time with most of my usual self-doubt routine, because in this context, it's inappropriate, as well as unhelpful.

I also start work as a "grader"--or, in your language, "teaching assistant"--next week. The position does have duties and will require me to keep ahead of the students by at least a chapter. The position is actually worth about $800 a month in tuition assistance, so I take it seriously. I'll feel strange having students again. It's been a while.

I would love to have time for dating, but--hah! No time. Also, wining-and-dining would both be expensive and a supreme distraction.

Lastly, we all have a weather eye on the tropical storms that have begun to form over the Gulf. Last Thursday, the city was pretty seriously flooded, at all the low points. The UH campus had to shut down for several hours and cars were swamped all over town. And I've NEVER heard such thunder! It was not just loud, but sustained. The rumbling built up over a period of 10-20 seconds to a crescendo and boom, then continued in a series of long, not-always-lesser crescendos for up to a minute or two, or so it felt. Lightening strikes near my apartment building made all the lights go out and slammed my computer, which got a surge that made it shut down and restart. I'm very, very lucky that it didn't fry my lap top.

Okay. Off to school.



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jason said...

I think I did some Suzuki once. If I recall, I got five minutes into it a pulled a muscle in my groin. Didn't do any more after that. So...cheers!