Wednesday, August 15, 2007

School Starts Tomorrow

Our "ensemble building" intensive begins tomorrow and regular classes start Monday. We perform a showcase for the theater faculty on Monday and audition for the first show of the season next week. Yes, I'm nervous.

So far, I believe that one trait shared by everyone in my cohort, whom I've met so far, is intelligence. They're smarter than the average (actor) bear, which is pleasant to be around. I'm told by one of last year's grads that Jack Young has said that he does, in fact, prefer to work with intelligent actors (which of course does not say that "intelligent" actors are better than others who aren't, only that "intelligence" is a particular performance quality with which this particular coach likes to work). I find this promising. I like that my new acting coach respects his own tastes enough to unabashedly put together an ensemble that reflects it.

And, of course, I'm afraid I won't be "intelligent" enough.... Someone buy me a drink.

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Cindy said...

Piffle. The only way you could possibly appear lacking in adequate "intellience" would be if you let your worrying about it wrap around that prodigious mind and choke it into temporary submission.

Fie on submission.