Saturday, May 10, 2008

Blackberry or iphone?

I need advice: do I move to a Blackberry or an Iphone? Everyone I know texts me, so I want a qwerty keyboard. I also want email. That's it, though. I don't really need web access. ON the one hand, the iphone is cool, and I dig it. On the other, Verison has all my contacts in an easy place and I'm happy with Verizon coverage. Is AT&T okay? Is the web stuff on an iphone so cool I must have it? Does it interface really well with a Mac?

All you lurkers, weigh in. I need guidance.

Also: if anyone can memorize my lines FOR me, have at it! I'm die'n, here.

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Trish Egan & Harold Phillips said...

For my money, the Palm Treo 755p is the way to go - the Palm operating system is stable and open, so there's lots of additional software being developed for it and ready for download (including a plug in for ActorTrack - The Palm software interfaces with the mac just fine, it's got email and internet access, a querty keyboard... don't dismiss that from your choices either :)