Thursday, May 29, 2008

Keyword: Monologue

The most frequent key words used to find this blog are "two minute monologues" (or one minute, or 30 second). Before I went to grad school, I thought monologues were difficult to find. I now know better. They're easy to find, if you do the following:

• go to the library and speed read many, many plays, paying attention to the big chunks of text (i.e., monologues) along the way so that you begin to pick up their structure, genre, and variety;

• see many plays, either in person or dvd. There is no excuse not to;

• put together a collection of as many monologues as you can. I do recommend looking for those that fit a variety of categories (search back a year or so on this blog for some possibilities);

• develop a feel for yourself as an actor so you know what material suites you, or interests you, or for which people might see you (for example, I've learned in the last year that casting directors see me as right for pompous ass roles such as Malvolio and Polonius, something I didn't know before);

• expect to put in some time at this. Also remember, that theater people respect actors who show interest in and/or know theatrical literature. If all you know is television or the latest Aptow film, no one will take you seriously. Also: never admit to not having read Shakespeare. Better: read and SEE Shakespeare.

You keyworded it, so I'm just saying....

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