Monday, June 16, 2008

Oklahoma Shakes Day fourteen

We put Henry on it's feet for an off-book work-through yesterday, and for the first time I saw the difference between my relative inexperience on the stage and greater experience of the other principles. Moving from tables reads/blocking rehearsals to a working run, the other principles (for the most part) did a better job of retaining the subtlety and variety they found earlier, whilst I took a step backward. My rehearsal was rather wooden and one-note. I blew past beats and didn't find a variety of levels, which tell the story better than the monotonous braying I did do. All said and done, I'm not worried. We're in our playing space for the first time and I'm self-conscious working with the entire cast and many tech crew in the room, and that'll pass.

For the life of me, I can't think of what else I did yesterday, other than write the first of three progress reports, detailing my summer work and progress made toward training goals, for Jack Young. My report was somewhat less detailed than some of my blog posts.

Today is going to be long. I'm in three intense working rehearsals. Henry in the morning, CHAA in the afternoon, and G&D in the evening.

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