Monday, June 09, 2008

Oklahoma Shakes Day Seven

I had two photo shoots, which went quickly, and an efficient evening blocking rehearsal for G&Ds. Paul blocked all of Act I (except for the dances). The fight choreographer, Mark Guin--who teaches at Louisiana Tech with Paul Crook--arrived. He'll be one of my suite mates for a couple of weeks. Mark taught one of my UH classmates some years ago and knows Jack Young quite well. From what I know, Mark is a very strong fight choreographer and teacher, with a particular genius for knife fights. After Henry opens, he'll be teaching stage combat workshops in Rapier/Dagger and Unarmed, which I'll take. I'm gonna improve upon my 'Robocop' unarmed technique one way or another.

Sunday was a light day, which was for the best. Friday and Saturday night partying took it's toll.

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