Thursday, June 12, 2008

Oklahoma Shakes Day Ten

We ran through and worked Act I of CHAA and worked another two + hours on the fight in Henry. Both are coming along. CHAA is beginning to pick up it's pace. I'm getting better at going fast and loud without rushing or shouting. The fight is getting smoother and I'm holding myself more easily, though I'll always have to watch the tendency to coil and tighten. Mark is an effective teacher and coach.

I also got a little exercise. Noth'n else to report, though I don't mind reiterating that one of the most enjoyable aspects of working here is collaborating with committed and focused artists on a complex endeavor.

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Jon said...

I'm always tempted to leave a comment, and then I worry that if I do it too often it might seem creepy, or something. But I really do enjoy reading your reports. Thanks again.

Your comments on CHAA lead me to think that it might be similar to the situation that some actor-comedian friends of mine have been in, in similar presentations that ideally seem loose and spontaneous (with the performers coming off not as "acting" but as "themselves") whereas in fact it's all scripted and prepared. And that that kind of illusion is one of the hardest things to do, because of keeping that balance -- as I think you said yourself in a previous entry. I suspect that your director's approach, which you described last week, of nailing down the "control" part first thing, may be wise.

Hope that didn't come off too amateur-dorky. Anyway, I really do enjoy your blog.