Friday, June 27, 2008

Oklahoma Shakes Day Twenty-five

I'm doing a good job of sustaining my posture through most of Henry (at least, until I slump intentionally, in Part II, as Henry falls ill), but not in the fight between Henry and Douglas. In the fight, I'm rolling my shoulders forward and curling my torso in, which makes Henry much weaker than he needs to be. It's an effort of will for me not to slouch and transtate my head forward, but I'm working on it.

The CHAA dress rehearsal went reasonably well, but, Aaron is taking away our microphones, because they're making us too comfortable, he says. Aaron--the director--thinks the show is funniest when we're pushing like hell; when it looks as if we're desperately cramming a two-hour show into ninety minutes. I most definitely have to reach down and support my voice better to pull off both CHAA and Henry. I project just fine, thank you. The audience hears me, but I tear my throat up, unnecessarily.

Good news for CHAA: the audience will not only be eating dessert but also drinking from a full bar. We want the paying customers soused... Okay, I want them soused.

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