Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Oklahoma Shakes Day Twenty-three

I'm straining my throat. At the top of Henry, I produce a clear-enough tone, but half way through Part I it grows thick. By the End of Part II, its hoarse. I'm not having this problem in CHAA, in which I talk louder, faster, and more. I'm failing to keep my placement consistently forward in Henry, but even when I do, I'm still allowing physical tension on my throat. I'm physically tense in other ways, too, while doing Henry (as I'm not in CHAA or G&D), somewhat locked up through the upper torso. I'm trying to ease myself up through the chest and shoulders while still keeping my neck long and shoulders down (my shoulders just want to stay up like bat wings ready for take off.) It's a struggle at the moment.

My work in G&D was easier last night, though. Charles Prosser said he saw me finally beginning to have fun. He's right. Being off book helps. And, I'm trusting my 'lucky charms' Irish more. I also enjoy Brannigan's very different physicality. Whereas Henry leads from the chest right now (actually--this reminds me to make him lead from the thighs! This will keep him upright and ease more of the the tension out of his chest,) Brannigan leads from his neck and shoulder blades, an exaggeration of my own poorest habitual posture.

CHAA is coming together. This morning will be our first full run-through with all tech, costumes, and props, and good Lord, are there a lot of costumes and props! Having dressers and runners back stage will help. They'd kind of help in life, too, now that I think of it.

I couldn't dissuade my mom from traveling to Durant to see me act. Good for her. She's a tough cookie, so she can handle the eight hour drive, cheap motel (the only lodging available here), and nights out at Chili's as a culinary high-light. I'm delighted she'll finally see me work. I'm hoping that my sister will also make it. However, she is in the final round of a Texas Hold 'em Contest, which, if she wins it, will give her the $10,000 buy-in for the World Series as well as lodging in Las Vegas. The pot at the world series is five million dollars. I'm getting my cut, if she wins.

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