Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Oklahoma Shakes Day Twenty-two

We did a cue-to-cue for CHAA and our final, pre-tech run of Henry. The Henry run came in at almost exactly three hours without intermission, which is probably the edge of the envelope for our audience's attention span, though I may be surprised. The pace of Part I is good, but Part II is bogging down. This might be a stamina issue (it often is in UH productions), but Part II is itself slower, the action more diffuse, and of course, I die, rather than wage war on competitors for the thrown. Dying is not a fast action.

I just received an email from an actress in my MFA class at U. Houston. She has decided not to continue school, and is leaving Houston. She'll be missed. In many (if not all) respects, she's the best actor in the class, and I was looking forward to working with her in the second year. I don't know what life holds for her, but if she does keep acting, she'll rock your world, one day.

Speaking of UH: I need to lock down my monologue choices for "The Big Ten," i.e., ten classical monologues--eight Shakespeare and two non-Shakespeare classical--to present on the first day back, in August. They're to be presented as five pairs of contrasting audition pieces (contrasting doesn't mean only comic/serious; it also means quality of movement, voice; it means tempo, rhythm, temperature, weight, floor pattern, etc. Think Laban.) Here are the guys I'm thinking about:
Antony (I don't know A&C well enough to know if A has a good piece)

I hope to embody ten or so of the following qualities:
Dangerous - Comforting
Sexy - Repulsive
Heroic - Timorous
Grounded - Flighty
Elegant - Goofy
Mischievous - Earnest
Intellectual - Physical
Witty - Stoic
Sinuous- Punchy
Paternal - Selfish

All of this in preparation for auditions with Colorado Shakes, Utah Shakes, Virginia Shakes, Texas Shakes, Lake Tahoe Shakes, and maybe others, which are coming to UH to audition us, in the fall.

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