Sunday, June 22, 2008

Oklahoma Shakes Day Twenty

Day off. I drove out to the local lake and found a nearly deserted state park and marina, which I looked at from the car, and kept going. Talked to my sister, who turned 45, poor thing, and found myself ambivalent about asking her and my mom to come all the way out to Durant to see me work. I'm thinking that next summer--after I graduate--may be a more opportune moment. I believe that I'm working well, but.... There'd be no harm in their waiting another year. I'm not finding myself particularly productive on my days off. I did watch Chimes at Midnight again. The battle at Shrewsbury is brilliant.

In truth, I'm kinda lonely. Most of the actors here are in their early twenties. I enjoy their company and respect their work, but we are often on different wave lengths. This appears to be a theme in my life. Perhaps I need to broaden by band width.

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