Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Oklahoma Shakes Day Forty-nine & Fifty

Phew. On Sunday, actor call was at 12:30 p.m. for a 2 p.m. performance, after which we had a one hour break for dinner, and then final strike, which ended at about 12:30 a.m. After that, we picked up our pay checks. On Monday morning, we finished cleaning our dorm rooms and checked out, and I drove back to Houston. Wiped out, am I.

Yes, I would say it was a successful gig. I learned a huge amount, in both positive and negative lessons, and I'm grateful to have met and worked with so many artists who will be future collaborators. Special stand outs are Todd Patterson and Adam Smith, with whom I worked in all three shows. That Adam and I didn't kill each other is a tribute to our mutual fondness and respect, because we were also roommates. Warning to Adam's future roommates: he is loud in the morning and can sleep through a bullhorn blaring at his head. He's also a brilliant actor.

Today (Tuesday), I need to bury out from piled up bills and correspondence, organize my trip to Portland, and make progress on my Big Ten. Thank you, everyone for the birthday wishes! They were great to find, after a long drive!

(photos: top: George Bush; middle: Benjamin Franklin, sorta; bottom: King Henry IV, drinking too much)


Trish Egan & Harold Phillips said...

Maybe Benjamin Franklin crossed with Timothy Leary... which, now that I think about Franklin, is kind of appropriate... :)

Congrats on making it through, David. It didn't kill you, so you must be stronger!

David Loftus said...

Henry looks especially terrific.

David Millstone said...

Thank you, David. I think the 'crown' looks damned silly, though. You should have seen my other costume... I looked like I was King of The Riverdance.