Monday, July 14, 2008

Oklahoma Shakes Day Forty-two

The electrical systems went out two or three times during the matinee performance of Henry, which seemed more frustrating than it was, since we also had a small audience and we were all exhausted from the week (today is a day off, though I'm spending most of it in the stage combat workshop, if my tweaked pectoral muscle will allow it.) I performed under the influence of a strong muscle relaxant, which I'd hoped would dull the pain in my shoulder, neck, upper back, and pectoral muscle, from which it seems to be emanating. Hurts like hell. After performing, I went to stage combat for three hours, because of this week's SAFD test (I gave up on the rapier/dagger, but I'm still testing in unarmed and partnering in single blade.) My range of motion isn't good at the moment, but I got through it. Typing this now, I'm late for stage combat, and the pain is still with me, but I'll make it, eventually.

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