Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Oklahoma Shakes Day Thirty-six

First day of stage combat workshop in the morning. In both sword and unarmed, we've begun with basic drills, which, on the one hand, remind me that I did learn something last year, and on the other, fills in gaps. Mark does more unarmed drills than did Brian at UH and I believe they'll serve me well, gangly awkward dude that I am. It was an easy morning, though twenty-four hours later, I'm sore.

In the afternoon and evening, we rehearsed G&D, which opens Saturday. We're all tired. An actress described us as a bunch of "sad pandas," in the middle of the afternoon, as we all mumbled our way through a refresher rehearsal for "Sit Down Your Rock'n the Boat." I would very much like to go back to bed right now, but I'm going to combat workshop within the hour.

I just read the notes for last night's run of G&Ds and Paul likes my "Lucky Charms" Irish brogue, which I need to soften a little. This dialect makes me chuckle because I know it hurts Jim Johnson's ears. It seems to work well for a cartoon.

I'm envious of the actor playing Big Julie in G&DS, Reese, a humble man with loads of comic invention. He tries different bits every single rehearsal in those places Paul has asked him to give him choices and we all marvel at his inventiveness, which is all the more charming, for his humility. Were I so mature in spirit and artistry!

The local paper published a good review of CHAA yesterday, and the review of Henry should be out soon, which I'll post, because it's nice to me. The reviewers are boosters, of course, but I think we can count ourselves lucky that they're boosters rather than insecure critics needing to show off... (ahem, ahem, Willamette Week writers....) These reviews are not criticism--just friendly boosterism--but as a friend noted just the other day, I do like outside affirmation.

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