Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Oklahoma Shakes Day Thirty

We did a full-run of G & Ds in the morning, a well-paced final dress rehearsal of Henry in the afternoon, and opened CHAA last night. The people laughed. A lot. Thank goodness. The cash bar may have had something to do with it. We certainly muffed some gags. I blew a couple of jokes at the top of the show, sigh, but what the hell, there were enough jokes to let a couple go. We did have a number of blue hairs in the audience who didn't appreciate the one or two slightly blue jokes, one of which we're now cutting, but they were good sports about the rest. As far as we could tell, we had one couple walk out at intermission. Considering that the politics of this show most definitely skew left, that was to be expected. I felt badly seeing them leave, though. I'm most definitely liberal. I most definitely feel strongly about my positions. I certainly send ill thoughts to many of whom I consider to hold obnoxious right-wing views. But, I still felt bad. As much as I believe in sharp, political theater--and I do believe in it--I don't like anyone slinking off in a funk, feeling like an outsider, probably feeling a little lonelier. Lonely ain't fun. And this show--full of low stupid humor--is all about fun.

I did feel funny last night. It's fun, feeling funny.

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