Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Oklahoma Shakes Day Twenty-nine

Long day, three rehearsals. I feel the need for an audience for both shows opening today and tomorrow. CHAA will get a lot of energy from a laughing audience and Henry will find more shape with audience energy coming back at it. My Henry feels flat to me right now. My monologues don't quite find their arcs. I'm not progressing the story as much as I could be from scene to scene by hitting the antithetical aspects of scenes which are otherwise similar visually and structurally, e.g., my two battlefield scenes with Worcester. I'm also blowing past an important beat shift in my final (dying) speech--no one has seemed to notice, but if anyone feels unsatisfied with my final speech, this is one reason. I'm also rushing that speech.

I'm still not comfortable taking so much out to the house, rather than to my on-stage scene partners. Today--in our final dress-I'm going to commit everything I have to making those deliveries work. Ben (playing Hal) does, and makes it work.

Our final dress for CHAA zipped along. The second act is funnier than the first. We're hoping to improve act one, though, but messing it up some. We put a lot into getting the bits 'right,' now we need to let it get more chaotic and improvisational, making of it a calculated mess.

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