Saturday, August 02, 2008

Portland, revisited

I've had a busy week in Portland, seeing friends, running errands, not getting homework done. I love Portland, despite it's inclination toward "smarmy utopianism," as a friend labelled the subject of my rant, a couple of days ago. I keep telling people I won't be able to move back here, though, because there's no way to make a theater career, here (I have no desire to pursue theater as a hobby.) But, really, if I work in regional theater, there may be no reason other than an extra hour on airplane trips not to live here. Live here, work in film here, do what theater I can here, but travel for the bulk of my career. Sounds good, but iffy. I don't want to live in Chicago or Atlanta if I can help it, though, and I can't afford New York City or San Francisco. We'll see.

I gotta do my Big Ten or I'm gonna end up in a Big Pit.

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Harold Phillips said...

We do make a great bedroom town... especially if your plan is to keep working primarily west of the Rockies, you'd do worse than to stay in Portland, David (and we'd be lucky to keep you!)