Sunday, August 10, 2008

Working on My Big Ten

I'm off-book for Oberon, Polonius, Henry IV, Richard III (first speech), Capulet, Caesar, and Caliban. I'm having trouble deciding on pairings. I understand this is true of everyone, including students from past years. Jack would like us to make these 'contrast' in so many ways, that we get ourselves tangled up in options. I'm doing all verse pieces by characters for whom I'm age appropriate, so I'm finding that characters fall into a relatively narrow range. They're more or less all older authority figures. Here's a possible order:

• Richard III (Act I) - Caesar 
• Polonius - Richard III (Act V)
• Sir Peter Teazle - Henry IV
• Watchman (Agamemnon) - Caliban
• Oberon - Capulet ("Welcome, Gentleman....")

The qualities I'm contrasting with these characters (one pair per character) are:

• Sexy/repulsive - Heroic/timorous
• paternal/selfish - guilty/unrepentant
• ? - authoritative/insecure
• loyal/faithless - childlike/cunning
• animalistic/intellectual - elegant/crude

Pieces that have fallen off my list for now:

• Cassius
• Claudius
• Trigorin
• Tartuffe
• Petruchio (I just don't like this prick)

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Jon said...

Fascinating! Thanks for giving these details, David.