Saturday, September 20, 2008

Biomechanics in Action

Rehearsing R&J yesterday, Annie suggested we do a run as a 'goof,' going as big as we could, especially with physical gestures.  We did, and although I didn't go THAT big (truth be told), the effort to do so loosened bottled emotions for me, and suddenly the large, theatrical forms I was trying to fill actually meant something.  Giving my self permission to ham let feelings move.  Annie heard it in the pitch of my voice--which finally rose out of it's lowest registers--and in my physical fluidity. "Wow, Millstone's being graceful," is what Annie says she said to herself, mid-scene (since Millstone is usually anything but.)  "There's the juvenile," she said.  Annie herself has been doing a marvelous job of finding heart-centered, up-reaching, youthful energy.

In our next rehearsal, we'll try to mine specific moments from 'going big,' and I'll try to rediscover where gesture, posture and legato physical movements open me emotionally to the scene.

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