Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Assignments due during the next two weeks in Acting class:

• final showing of two short Shakespeare scenes
• re-showing of Shakespeare monologue in 19th-century style
• showing of Shakespeare monologue performed in lower third of pitch range
• showing of Shakespeare monologue 'personalized'--vulnerable, open, tearful
• showing of two Shakespeare monologues intended for audition on November 1st.
• re-showing of shakespeare monologue in three styles--R&N ("Realism and Naturalism"), 19th-century, and a 'best-of' melange of the two.

In Voice, we'll be starting more dialect work, soon.  Now, we're finishing up scansion and rhetoric of Shakespeare's blank verse.  In Movement, we're doing mask work.

On October 1st, the clouds lower on UH and assignments rain down.

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