Friday, September 05, 2008

Rinse, Repeat: Debased Father Figure

It is funny how I keep getting cast as yet another "debased father figure," as Neal put it, I, who have never had children nor authority over any other persons through either organizations or in my personal life, I, who would like to be cast as the romantic lead.  A cold shiver goes down my spine as the thought occurs to me that how I'm cast might shed light on my (intermittent) love life.


Signore Direttore said...

The romantic lead is boring.

dennis baker said...

From what I noticed if you are in a graduate acting program that is not associated with a professional theater, then the older actors are used (stuck) in the older roles. The odds are you will be typed cast and you will be playing father figures your whole time there.

It starts to feel like undergraduate acting, where the 20 year old actor plays part in their 40-50s. Parts that they can not put on their resume in the real world. So when a theater has a 30-40 year old actor to play 40-50 year old parts they are going to use that. So best of luck trying to break out of it.

David Millstone said...


A little bit of that here, but this is how my casting is going out in the 'real world,' too--which is fine, actually. There's a lot of gold in 'debased father figures.' A lot for me to mine. And the fact that I read that way is fascinating. I do need to find other colors, though.

Signore Direttore said...

Why do you need to find other colors, David? These roles are juicy and there are plenty of them. I think your colors are to be found in this vein, the deeper you go the more you'll find. Venturing outside your strengths prematurely makes one prone to pushing. You might also find your efforts cancelling one another out.
You're finding out some truths about yourself. That's gold. Start digging.