Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Upcoming Auditions

Texas Shakespeare Festival is auditioning us on November 1st.  It's 2009 season is:

Love's Labours Lost
Romeo & Juliet
She Loves Me

Virginia Shakes auditions us two or three weeks later.  It's 2009 season is:

Much Ado About Nothing
The Winter's Tale

In January,  Lake Tahoe Shakes comes.  It's 2009 season is:

Much Ado About Nothing

Type-wise, there are a number of good roles for me in these seasons.  Capulet, Fr. Lawrence, Tartuffe, Orgon, Leonato, the other friar, Benedicke (though not in a young company), Berowne (ditto), Boyet, Leontes, Polonius, (though not in a more mature company), Claudius (ditto).

I need to find pairs of monologues that will suggest me for each of these seasons.  I do not want to audition with pieces from the roles for which I'm looking.  Instead, for instance, if I want to audition for Leontes, I'll use Capulet, Leonato, or Claudius.

Considering the depth of talent the above companies attract, roles I'm more likely to be offered are The Prince (R&J), The Chorus, Montague, one of the lords (Winter's Tale), one of the guards (Hamlet), Hamlet's ghost, maybe Boyet, maybe Don John.

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