Thursday, September 18, 2008


In Acting class I am playing Romeo in the 'morning after' scene and MacDuff in the 'Turn Hellhound turn' scene.  The hope is that if I can almost reach Romeo I will become castable for Benedick and Berowne, and if I can do MacDuff, I can do all the bad-ass kings.  

In my other Acting class--the one I teach--I'm thoroughly enjoying seeing lights go on in my students' eyes and greater ease show up in their bodies.  The hurricane messed with the schedule, so we're moving a bit more slowly than I would have liked, but we are moving forward.  Big gains can be made through 'simple' games and exercises.  "Sponpo" (for "spontaneous poem") is one of my favs.  Many synapses fire and multiple skills are coached through it.  Next week, we're moving through a progressive series of games that build attention, focus, endurance, self-trust, and inventiveness, all of which lead naturally to improv and open scene work.  That's all I'm gonna say about it, though, 'cause those clever students have mine have, indeed, found my blog....  I want them to experience much of the work before they intellectualize it.

Hurricane Ike wreaked havoc.  Trees are down all over campus.  Students are trickling back.  Gasoline prices are near $5 a gallon, most traffic lights still don't work, there's a midnight-to-6 a.m. curfew in effect through next weekend, and all the frozen food cases at Kroger's were still empty as of yesterday evening.  Many students and faculty are living without power at home, though most seem to have running water.  Fortunately, the weather is comfortably cool right now, so that's a big break for many.

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