Wednesday, October 08, 2008

My Kind of Theatre

Over the last couple of year I've let a few people know that, when I'm ready, I'll want to create a theater company, in collaboration with like-minded others.   Artistic Director or Co-Artistic Director would be a good fit for me.  Jan asked me recently if I've given this more thought, and I had to tell her that I still don't know what kind of theater I can really put my shoulder behind.  I like and believe in a range of theater, and my tastes were formed in the 1980s, on the one hand, by the spectacular sensibilities of Robert Brustein (American Repertory Theatre) and Adrian Hall (Trinity Repertory Theatre), and on the other hand, by my literary taste for psychological depth, dark humor, and extravagant word play (e.g., in writers such as Saul Bellow, Cormac McCarthy, Raymond Carver, Ernest Hemingway... the word play of the later two being not as obvious as the former, but there in rhythm and tempo).  My moral, ethical and spiritual sensibilities are earnest and humanist.  I still believe in the hopeful, redemptive future of a well-stocked self, even if that self is not the naive res of yester-centuries.   I also believe theater for theater's sake = theater for political/individual betterment.  None of which helps me focus my vision of the kind of theater I want to produce.

Perhaps, a better strategy for conjuring a future theatre is not to establish a priori a philosophical mission, but rather to find the friends and collaborators out of which a vision emerges.   In any event, I'd say we're 5-7 years away from Millstone's theatre. 

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