Monday, October 13, 2008

Stupid Is As Stupid Would If Stupid Would Be Bold

Michael Mendelson, one of my acting coaches in Portland, more than once noted that I avoid taking a firm stand or acting decisively either in issues of moment or in my work on stage.  I bristled, because as anyone who knows--or reads--me knows, I can be bold in my assertions.  But, Michael was correct.  I do tend to qualify my thoughts and actions in ways that muddy my message.   I also hesitate and avoid being pinned down (e.g., I've long noticed about myself that I always claim "several reasons" for any decision or action I take.  One never seems to be enough.) Why?  To avoid looking stupid (let's say that is sufficient reason, if not a complete one.)

Yup.  I need to look more stupid more often.

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