Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Final To-Do List of the Fall Term

One more week of classes, then exams.  My final To-Do List of the term:

  • Acting III Final Exam
  1. Best Contrasting Monologue Pair
  2. Glendower-Hotspur Scene
  3. Lear-Cordelia Scene
  4. "Mulligan," i.e., do-over of exercise at which I bombed the worst.  Easy choice:  monologue in heightened '19th-century' style
  • Voice III Final Exam
  1. 2 Standard British mono
  2. 1 Cockney mono
  3. 1 NYC mono
  4. 1 American Southern mono
  5. 3 Shakespearean mono
  • Movement III Final Exam
  1. Research packet on Jacobean era
  2. Letter written by character, Sorenzo, in 'Tis Pity She's a Whore.
  3. Perform scene from 'Tis Pity.
  • Undergraduate Acting I (course I'm teaching)
  1. coach monologues and scenes for final exam
  2. grade response papers to university productions
  3. proctor final exam, in which students perform best of two monologues performed in class and a five minute scene.
  • Orphans
  1. Final week of rehearsals
  2. Hit thrift shops for props and costume pieces (this is a studio show without production support from the department)
  • Virginia Shakespeare Festival Audition
  1. Contrasting pair (Claudius; Duke Senior)
  2. prepare sides for cold read

Also, catch up on paying bills, correspondence, auto repairs, etc.  Good news:  I'm much less stressed out by the end of this term than I was by the end of each term last year.

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