Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Likability? Bah, humbug!

Key word search of the day:  "six ways to be more likable on stage."

F@#k that.  How about, "twelve ways to be more true?"  I greatly admire lack of vanity in performers, performers who allow themselves to be ugly, disturbing, revolting, odd, needy, trusting, hopeful, committed, even at the risk of their audiences failing to separate performer from performance.  Likability as an acting value is, to my mind, a medium for exchanging other, more potent values--the saline through which the antiviral solution is pumped--not more.  Or, not much more.

Though I might be wrong....  for, on second thought, I, for one, would not want to live in a world devoid of human charisma, in myself or others.  Maybe the blog searcher was being inarticulate and meant to find "six ways to be more charismatic on stage," and surely, likability is only one shading of charisma, one glinting, contrasting color within an opalescent and dynamic play of qualities.  

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Signore Direttore said...

Once upon a time actors created beauty through their artistry. It mattered not whether the character or the actor was sympathetic or pretty.
I, too, hope that our alarm is based on semantics in this case, but the times do tell of our anxiety regarding such superficialities.