Saturday, November 08, 2008

Next Moves

I am currently at work on:

• Lear/Cordelia and Glendower/Hotspur in Acting;
• The Miser in Movement
• Orphans for production;
• NYC and American Southern dialects for Voice;
• coaching monologues and scenes in Acting I, which I'm teaching;
• preparing an audition pair for the upcoming Casting & Evaluation/Callback auditions for the UH spring season;
• preparing an audition pair for Virginia Shakespeare Festival
•  Gearing up for final exams, which include:  an IPA dialect analysis, monologues in Standard British, Cockney, NYC, and American Southern, final showing of scenes for Acting, a solo performance for Movement, four Shakespeare monologues, and one more crack at a heightened "nineteenth-century" version of the dagger speech from Macbeth.

If nothing else, my two years at UH will have given me considerably more stage time doing work needed for me to develop an iota of craft.    

My current best guess about what I'll do after graduation:  take non-equity regional gigs for 12-18 months (while joining EMC), while my worldly belongings wait for me in a storage locker and I avoid paying rent by living in theatre-provided housing, for the time being.  This will give me solid time on regional stages, which I need.  However, if I can figure out how to do film--maybe a lot of it--during this time, I'll do that, too.  I may (or may not) be too old for moving to L.A., NYC or Chicago, so I'm going to have to remain creative about getting from here to there (where ever "there" is).  I think whatever way I find to do film will be more satisfying than plying the over-worn path through L.A., and it's humiliating trials.

I would love to move back to Portland--but that worries me.  Before leaving for Houston, I was getting signs that my star was on the rise, there (e.g., part offers from companies I admire), but there's just not enough paying work (there's plenty of non-paying, which I respect and enjoy doing, but can no longer afford).  I'd have to start my own company several years earlier than I believe would be best.

(p.s. -- I know I repeat myself a lot on this blog, forgive me.  I allow myself to repeat myself, sometimes  a bit o.c.d.ishly, in order to track the evolution of a few concerns; how they evolve; how they don't; what I don't know that I already know, according to old posts....)


Harold Phillips said...

Hey David

Thought I don't respond often to your posts, I do check your blog regularly. Congrats on the beginning of the end... you've been working hard to get here!

I don't know that I'd agree with your assessment of Portland. Yes, the community here can be a bit "cliqueish," but you've got an advantage - you're already part of the clique :) You know what they say in just about every small-market theater town... "if you want to succeed in ______ go work in ______ and then come back." :)

I don't really see a paucity of work here in PDX. There's a lack of good-paying work, to be sure, and it's difficult to make a living as a theatrical actor due to the low wage paid by most local theaters... but there's plenty of work to be done. Since you left there are a lot of new companies that have sprung up; in fact, if you check the Willamette Week's performance listings, you'll see that we have 17 "straight shows" running this week... not counting solo performance, improv, etc.

I might also suggest that Portland's indie film scene is growing in strength as time moves on. If you're looking to increase your on-camera experience, this isn't a bad place to be.

So... we'd love to have you back! I certainly understand the desire to keep working the regional circuit, and I'm not saying you shouldn't do that... but returning to the Rose City might not be as bad an option as you think.

Something to add to the brain-pan and stir around...


Harold Phillips said...

Oh, forgot the link to the WW's Performance listings:

Here ya go