Thursday, December 25, 2008

A Christmas Carol at PCS

I thoroughly enjoyed this.  Mead Hunter's adaptation balances Dicken's prose with dramatic episodes by weighting toward Dicken's prose through choral speaking and elegant movement and staging.  The inherent sicky-sweet sentimentality that adheres to the story through our over-familiarity with it is undercut by choreography, fittingly simple songs, and Dicken's own words; the melodrama fills out in the audience's imagination, rather than in the creaking wheels of emoting or plot-grinding on stage.  I have my quibbles with the production (biggest one:  ghost of Christmas future's skeleton looked a bit cheezy, though it moved beautifully, and happily reminded me of Bread and Puppet Circus) but they're merely quibbles.  Well done, all.

p.s.  I also continue to feel encouraged by PCS's extensive use of local actors on its stages.

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