Saturday, January 03, 2009


Well, 2008 was a year for soldiering forward, bushwhacking new paths through a lot of old tangled foliage.  2009 will be the same but different.  In all likelihood, I'll have earned my MFA, worked more summer stock--which is still a new experience for me, since Oklahoma Shakes was only my first summer stock gig--and moved to a new city in which I hope to stake a professional stage career.  I will turn forty-nine years old.  I hope to remain physically healthy, open to the new acquaintances, friends and colleagues who continue to people my life, receptive to training (as well as willing to forget it), learning, and sensitive to my own heart and hearts of others. If, indeed, I move back to the northeast, I hope to re-acquaint myself with all four seasons of New England, East Coast friends, New York City, Ipswich clams, sailing on Chesapeak Bay and the Atlantic Ocean, skiing in Vermont, and regional theater from Main to Florida and Pennsylvania to Tennessee.   I hope, too, to find myself back in the Pacific Northwest often, for both play and work.  

Some years down the road, I'll probably return to Portland to live again, probably for good.   Portland has been the place in which I've found myself more than once.  I moved here in 1990 and left in 1994.  I moved back in 2001 and left--for my current adventure--in 2007.  Seven years may not be a bad guess for how long it takes me to return.  Coincidentally, I tend to view my life as moving through seven-year cycles. 

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