Monday, January 05, 2009


Yesterday Neal and I recorded ADR ("Audio Dialogue Replacement") for Dangerous Writing, which I saw for the first time last week.  Right off, we found ourselves facing a not-wholly unexpected (at least by me) issue:  my vocal dynamics have evolved a great deal over the last two years, while I've been in MFA training and performing in regional theater.  My voice is more resonant and diction cleaner.  This made matching my two-year old performance a challenge--one we could only partially meet.  We cleaned up some noise and dialogue glitches but didn't improve on my performance to any large degree.  The pitch range I was inhabiting two years ago proved to be an inhospitable environment for subtlety of the kind we might have liked to try adding, yesterday.

Seeing the rough cut of Dangerous Writing last week fascinated, thrilled, and appalled my by turns.  I like the move very, very much.  It is unique, with no good comparisons, though some of the discomforting ambiguity of Solandz's Happiness comes to mind.  The other lead performers tell the story quite well.  Andrew brings sharp intelligence and Joey brings a compelling openness to the camera.  Aislinn is by turns (misleadingly) frail, needy, and hopeful. I'm needy, despicable, machiavellian, nervous, self-loathing, horny, and outright weird.  Neal is flat out evil (in a good way.)  What do I like best about my own work?  It's far less vain than I manage to be in the rest of my life.  What do I like least?  I look one chemo treatment away from going completely bald.

I love the look of the film.  It is framed for mis-en-scene, with a camera that appears hand-held, but without the intrusiveness or jitters of true hand-held.  The frame allows audiences to find the story far more often than it leads them to the story, which I find restful, and which also balances the far-from-restful story of a creative artist ever-so-near the end of his tether.


Aislinn said...

David, I really liked your work in the film. I'm not very good at articulating why I like or dislike performances, but I really enjoyed watching you. I haven't seen the film in it's entirety yet, but I saw about 2/3; enough to see the arc of your character and be impressed. I've been wanting to tell you this, so I'm glad you posted about it. The film does look great. Hope you're well.


David Millstone said...

Thank you for telling me this, Aislinn. It's good to hear.

Do me a favor and send me the link to your blog again. I lost it, while cleaning out old links....