Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Premios Dardo Award: I Won! I Won!

Fellow blogger Mead Hunter, author of the lively blog, "Blogorrhea," as well as Literary and Educational Director at Portland Center Stage, has promoted my blog to the exalted order of The Premios Dardo Award, which I humbly accept.  The Premios Dardo Award is handed from worthy blog author to worthy blog author of blogs of that are of thank-god-this-is-not-the-usual-dreck worthiness.   For info about The Premios Dardo Award, back track to Mead's blog.  Meanwhile, it is my duty and privilege now to anoint 15 blogs that I, in my turn, deem worthy of recognition.  Here are fifteen of the blogs I most frequently read, which are updated regularly by their authors, and by which I am stirred:

The lucky winners must now, if they accept this award, accept it publicly on their own blog and select 15 winners, in turn.  If this seems like a pyramid scheme, yes, of course!  In the end, every blog in the world will get hit, but until the point of diminishing returns arises, the readable will find themselves floating closer to the fore of our attention, where they belong!


Tim said...

WOO WOO!!! It's award season, I guess.


suzy vitello soulé said...

Yikes! Okay then. Thanks, David. And congratulations.