Thursday, February 19, 2009

Reshoot Needed!

I need to reshoot the dvd audition we taped a couple of days ago.  My performance in it is terrible.  All my bad habits are magnified by the dynamics of frame, depth of field, lens distance and bad light.  My clothing--simple polo shirt and jeans--make me look dumpier than I appear in person.  The microphone (which clips the sound range) magnifies a vocal tendency I sometimes have of flipping into a near-falsetto at moments of high emotion.  I need to reshoot this in better light, in head and shoulders (with one pan of my body so the auditors see what I look like) and at levels friendly to the microphone.  I also have to pay more attention to a couple of bad habits--especially the vocal one--than I would in person.  Cricky.

Seeing one's self on camera is never easy, but this was... awful.

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Harold Phillips said...

Do you have the option of hooking the camera up to a monitor so you can see what the picture is going to look like?