Monday, February 09, 2009

UPTA 2009 Debriefing

UPTA 2009 was a less well-attended event than UPTA 2008, at least by registered companies.  Actors were plentiful enough.  Several of the companies I did well with last year did not attend.  I had a handful of callbacks, at least two of which were productive, with tentative offers extended.  The casting director of another company I liked a lot was spontaneously enthusiastic about my audition, but hastened to add that the roles for which I might be considered were already going to Equity company actors.  

The contingent of UH grad students did well, as a whole.  One casting director said, flat out, that next year he would probably skip UPTA altogether (which is grueling for auditors) and simply audition straight out of UH.  Other companies seemed equally pleased with our work. 


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PBCrook said...

Hope it all went well for you, man. Riley opted to just order the DVD's from auditions this year--what with just ejecting a little human from her body and all!