Thursday, March 12, 2009

Update: Spring Break

Spring break is here now.  So far this semester, in Acting Class  we've worked at least four long shakes monologues and two long shake scenes, one long monologue out of ancient greek theater, and a long greek scene.  I've already played extended arias by Berowne (2), Fr. lawrence (2), Oedipus, and Creon, though there's something in there I'm not remembering.  The Greek monologues went through various renditions, as well:  first as "R&N" ("Realism & Naturalism"), then as a dance/mime, then as a "shmear" of R&N/dance-mime.  Next, we do comedy.   Homework due immediately following break includes five jokes, a comic song, a comedic Shakespearean monologue and two comedic scenes.  Jack doesn't mess around.

In Voice class, we've worked on Northern Irish, Italian and French.  After break, we do Estuary, then work-up dialects on our own, from interviews, to teach the class, after which we do the original research on a dialect to perform.  Also in the mix have been scenes in Standard British and another cockney monologue.

In Movement class, we've so far experimented with solo and group-created movement pieces emphasizing selected elements--e.g., rhythm, shape, tempo, inventiveness--which will all come together in a final project at the end of term.  After break, we also give twenty-minute presentations on a selected physical performer or troupe (I'm doing Pina Bausch.)  

Over the break, most of us are also in rehearsals every day (I'm rehearsing Jacques in As You Like It.)  This weekend, I audition for Aquecheek in Houston Shakespeare Festival's upcoming Twelfth Night (though I'm waiting on the official offer from another company, as well.)   And last, but not least, I have my second prostate biopsy tomorrow morning.  

All (or, almost all) of this is great.  

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