Saturday, April 18, 2009

Opening: As You Like It @ UH

We opened As You Like It last night in Studio 208 at the U. of Houston with a lively, heartfelt, fun performance.  Director Jonathan Gonzalez's 125 minute cut plays well, and the young cast's hard work shows.  We have actors who range in experience from graduate students, who are working professionals in the real world (one is Equity), to Freshman who've never performed Shakespeare before.  I cannot accuse a single actor in this production of having been lazy or not wanting to stretch themselves to the next level of their ability.  Some of the best work in the show is done by undergrads (and, I'm truly fond of the UH Theater undergrads, for both their talent and heart), and undergrads with the least experience grew tremendously during the rehearsal period.  Our director did a marvelous job of challenging and supporting us.

Our play is certainly a university production--more energetic than polished--but it plays, and plays in the spirit of a Shakespeare comedy.  Kudos to all.

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