Wednesday, April 01, 2009


I am saddened that Mead Hunter will not longer be at PCS, though I don't worry overly much about his future.  Obviously, he's a man of talent and tremendous good will, and he's much beloved.  I trust he'll do fine, thankfully.

Whether coincidentally or not, I've become a cautious fan of PCS during Mead's tenure there.  From my exile, I hear good things about the work being done there, and I find the angrier rants of disaffected Portland theater people that have been showing up on Facebook to be both vulgar and childish.  I'm also wearying of the complaint that PCS doesn't hire enough local actors.  Actually, I think they do a pretty good job of that.  Also, I'm convinced that local actors--not just pdx local actors, but local actors covetous of work at LORT-sized houses in any market in the country--underestimate the basic skill set such theaters need in their actors.  Actors all over have talent galore.  There is talent galore among pdx actors. But, I don't know how many of them have the physical and vocal skills and stage craft to sustain a story without drawing attention to the efforts of the story-teller--that is, the actor--him or herself.  Most of the most-well-rounded and best trained pdx stage actors work at PCS a lot.  Not all.  And it would be nice to see some faces up there (e.g., Don Alder), but many of them.

An added thought:  to those who believe PCS should not be going to NYC for actors, are you being totally honest about comparing the work they do on PCS's stage when they're seen alongside out-of-town actors?  A difference I see?  The out-of-towners often do better homework.  Their character work surprises more often.  Not always, just often. 

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Signore Direttore said...

If PCS didn't cast nationally I wouldn't be a subscriber. I get comps at ART and often find myself underwhelmed, even for free.
I appreciate the energy Chris Coleman brings to The Armory as AD, though I'm not a fan of his directing. He better not ruin Ragtime next season or it might be our last until he's gone.