Thursday, May 21, 2009

God Hates Jews.


SamA said...

Does that mean God hates Jesus? Well, he did treat him badly to say the least.

As one of my favorite writers once said, "Other people, what a bad idea."

Harold Phillips said...

Wow, seriously? I knew these people were rediculously cro-magnon hatemongers... but this takes the cake!

David, I haven't had the words to adequately express my sympathies for you over the loss of your grandfather... he sounds like he was a great man, who went out on his own terms. That's cold comfort to those he left behind, of course... know that Trish and I are thinking of you and sending our love and support.

Cindy said...

I have tried three times to reply to this. Nothing touches on the fury and grief and nausea that it triggers. I have a friend who has been personally targeted by these people before. They are complete crackpots, of course, but sickening ones. That your family would have to deal with this right now grieves me beyond words.

You're in my heart and thoughts.

PBCrook said...


As I am sure I don't have to tell you, there is evil and hatefulness in this world that no rational human being can understand. It is certainly a chore to not let their actions adversely affect you.

Please know that there are countless people sending good thoughts, karma, and wishes to you and your family at this time. Please know, also, that there are countless people who flatly repudiate the hate and fear-mongering spewed by vitriolic imbeciles such as this.

Best wishes, man.

David Loftus said...

I trust these superb morons are not giving you one iota of distress in a vulnerable time. F**kin' vultures. And yes, they're clearly no friends of Jesus, since he was a good Jewish boy.