Monday, June 29, 2009


Today is 'off book' day for 12th Night. I'm more or less there, save for the prison scene between Malvolio and Feste/Sir Topaz. The scene loops around itself at least three times. Malvolio repeats what he says in slightly different variations. Having now read the scene more closely than I have before, I also see that he's a big baby--he's no John McCain, stoically surviving the Hanoi Hilton. Malvolio believes that no man has ever been "thus abused." He has no empathetic imagination. What happens to him is horrible, but I felt greater sympathy for him when I was in the audience than now that I'm playing him, which is a good thing. I feel no temptation to play him as a victim. The audience will feel sorry for him, yes. But, I hope it also feels a serious chill on his final exit line.

Today, I'll work on a feature story on 12th Night and/or The Crawdaddies, the Cajun-Zydeco band based in Dallas performing in the show. I heard the Crawdaddies in rehearsal yesteray. They're terrific, old pros who've been playing together more than twenty years. They're going to make the show.

Also up today: get applications together for Oregon Shakes, Utah Shakes, Georgia Shakes, American Shakespeare Center, etc., etc.....

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