Sunday, June 28, 2009

On Mark Sanford

Below is my comment attached to an article appearing in The New Republic defending Mark Sanford. I have nothing to say about Sanford's politics or "hypocricy," the former seeming to be predictably obnoxious, the later, mundane.

Many of the comments in this thread remind me of comment threads attached to media stories following the death of one of my family. The comments were rife with conjecture and opinion about what may have led to my relative's death. They were full of speculation about his state of mind and financial condition and even on the possibilities of his death not having been what it appeared, because of assumptions that commentators drew only from their own paltry imaginings of what is possible in the world; that is, the more paltry the imagination, the more immediately lurid and fantastical seemed to be the conjecture. Commentators could not imagine all the possible vicissitudes of the quotidian, so they leapt to melodrama. The most literal-minded people I've known? Science fiction and fantasy buffs. It takes all that carny glitter to move them. I, too, have decided not to read the governor's private emails. I've seen a couple of quotes, of course, and I do not want to bring my own meager imagination to vetting this couple's life-of-the-heart.


anonymous said...

Not surprising, I suppose, that Cristina Nehring should have written that defense. Do you know her?


David Millstone said...


I hadn't heard of her, but just read a critical review of one book. She sounds quite interesting. From the little I read, I like her.