Friday, June 26, 2009

OSF Update

I've not been blogging enough, as you see. But, I am writing these days: p.r. material for Oklahoma Shakespearean Festival, most of which appears in The Durant Daily Democrat. It's light-weight writing, trust me. But, I'm stretching a few unused journalistic muscles, so that's good. A profile of one young actor in the company will appear in this Sunday's paper. More features shall follow.

Rehearsals proceed apace. The 1870s Louisiana milieu supports the story--to my mind, at least, though Sam and Paul dissent--mardis gras being a recent descendent of the old christian feast of Epiphany. This is a physical show, rooted in comedia del arte, and Aaron Adair is directing me toward large physical choices, which I'm thoroughly enjoying (unlike the old days, eh Neal?) This production balances more toward the comedy of this romantic comedy (whereas the production at The Delecorte appears to emphasis the romance, at least as I read the NYT review.) Tomorrow, Aaron, Adam Smith (Feste) and I drive down to Dallas to spend the afternoon with the Cajun band which will be playing in the show. Adam will rehearse with them and I'll take photographs and notes for a feature story.

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