Sunday, June 14, 2009

Ready Or Not--Durant!

All packed up in Houston. Today, I drive to Durant. I'll get there just in time for the company meeting. Rehearsals begin "bright and early tomorrow." Playing Malvolio at a venue such as Oklahoma Shakes is a big deal for me. It represents a step forward in my craft as well as in the profession. Although much of Malvolio is well 'covered' by my own personality (yah, I can be supercilious and self-involved, not to mention love sick!), nonetheless it is a 'comic' role with a huge--something like 20 minute-long--set piece at the center of the show. Malvolio is both foil and comic protagonist. He must be played honestly--without mugging--but with enough size to be comic (and not merely humorous.) I believe I'm up for it. I have genuine butterflies at the prospect of rehearsals.

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