Friday, June 19, 2009

Update: Malvolio + PR Job

This is a different gig for me than it was last summer. The company is smaller and slightly older than last year, and only four new actors among the forty + total company. So, evenings are quieter. Rehearsals are more focused. But, even more different, I'm only playing the one role--Malvolio--rather than the three roles I did last summer. Last summer I was in rehearsal all day every day, and as trying as that could frequently be, in retrospect it was an absolute blast--and very flattering. This year, I'm in rehearsal a scant three hours a day. The rest of the time, I work in public relations, writing press releases, glad-handing around town as I put up posters (the posters are far less important than the gossip and conversation), and photographing head shots and production shots. I AM glad to be using my writing and photography skills (makes those earlier careers/education track feel relevant) but I do get antsy.

I enjoy the OSF (or rather, the 'other OSF') crowd. The folks here work hard but even at their most stressed out seem to remember that this is not the Manhattan Project. It's theater. Everyone gets out alive. It's fun.

Added bonus: Orsino is being played by Brian Hamlin, one of my classmates from UH. We're also rooming together. It's a pleasure to hang with Hambone having put grad school in the rear view mirror.

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