Thursday, July 23, 2009


Dear Diary:

I have upcoming auditions at Oregon Shakespeare Festival and American Shakespeare Center. I may be doing a staged reading in New York. The Off Broadway show I'm up for is still on, though no one knows when. Main Stage Theatre, in Houston, has me on the active list, since I'm in-and-out of Houston a lot and have local housing. I'll be working with Theresa Koon for a couple of days to brush up an audition song. When in pdx, I'll check in with Neal on Dangerous Writing. We're excited to show it not too long from now, though Neal is a one man band playing a zillion riffs, at the moment. My psa results came back low! I'm not contracting prostate cancer any time soon. Irene stocked the fridge with beer and is letting me stay with her between audition trips. If I get work in Ashland or Staunton, I'll put off moving to Philly, but I'm still scouting the town, in a couple of weeks. And I still need to get some exercise.

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